Join our team! Your generous contribution will allow Face to Face to continue providing our services free of charge to the survivors of a sudden death experience. Our goal is to provide as many portraits for the bereaved as possible and every contribution will help us attain that goal.

We consider every person who works with us to provide these portraits to be a member of our “team”, and that includes every donor! Everyone who has ever known loss wants something to relieve the suffering that they must endure as a part of the grieving process. Many individuals can testify to the healing power of sharing and remembering the deceased. We laugh, we cry and we love them from a new perspective. Those who have known a sudden, unexpected or tragic death suffer from trauma as well. Won’t you be a part of this team effort to help the hurting who have had their world forever altered? Please use our web site by clicking on our PayPal button or contact us to make a donation today. We are a 501 (c) (3) organization. Gifts are tax deductible. The cost for each individual portrait is $500. As an individual, you might want to donate at the Van Gogh level by providing one drawing in its entirety. Any gift makes you a part of our outreach and you become a member of our artistic team. If you are part of an organization, your group might want to fund the cost of multiple portrait gifts. Become a Rembrandt , Degas or even Michelangelo, our top level donation helping our team make the bereavement process a little easier for many individuals. Whatever the amount, your gift would entitle you or your group to the artist corresponding with your donation. Mary Cassatt couldn’t sell her work for much, but after her death, her paintings have brought in as much as $2.87 MILLION. No matter the size of the donation, we are all working together to make this happen for those who are suffering the pain of unexpected loss.

Each of these artists are famous for their portraiture!

$10 – $199 Cassatt – She wasn’t allowed to study at the Paris Salon because she was a woman, but her paintings have sold for millions in the modern day market! What’s that all about?

$200 – $499 Degas – Obsessed with ballet dancers, (this guy created over 1,000 paintings of dancers) He changed his name from de Gas- gee,we wonder why? Something smells about this!

$500 – $999 Van Gogh – All right folks, lend an ear… or maybe just the lobe? This guy did over 900 paintings in 10 years and only one sold during his lifetime!

$1,000 – $2499 Rembrandt – He was Dutch but we won’t hold that against him! He did paint more self-portraits than probably any other artist and he did three paintings of his mother.

$2,500 – $4,999 DaVinci – This guy was so good at a young age that he drove his painting master to throw down his brush and never paint again!

$5,000 – $9,999 Andrew Wyeth – A prankster, one time he allegedly poured laxative into the punch at a party, locked all the bathroom doors and hid all the keys- fun fella that Andrew. Surprised he lived to be 91!

$10,000 – $14,999 Cezanne – This guy had it all together when he said, “You have no idea how life-giving it is to find around one a youth that agrees not to bury one on the spot”

$15,000 – $34,000 Botticelli – There are no “fun facts” about this man unless you consider being called “the little barrel” to be fun. One of his famous works depicted two convicted murderers of Giuliano Medici hanging by the neck on the walls of the Palazzo. He also worked on the decoration of the Sistine Chapel- pretty big contrast!

$35,000 – $50,000 Michelangelo – Ranked highest because he had to create the masterpieces in the Sistine Chapel while aged, 100 feet above the floor, in wet plaster and on his back!

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