My wife had this portrait of my late Mother painted as a Christmas gift for me the year my “Ma” died. It brought tears to the eyes of everyone in the family. Ma was our matriarch until she was she was 87 years old and this portrait captures the sparkle and love she always wore all about her. We made photographic copies that are cherished by each of her grandkids and her son as much as my portrait is treasured by me. She is gone but never forgotten and this portrait brings her alive again every time I pass it. Bless you, Anne, for your talent and the gift you give to each person who receives a portrait of a loved one who rests in the arms of God now.

Donald M.

I am not sure I can even put it into words. Your work did so much for me and my whole family and:) it is just so beautiful. I look at the painting every day. It is hanging in our living room and it is so much more alive than a photo. I don’t go to the cemetery much anymore because it is so sad there. I talk to her in the living room now! It is a wonderful keepsake we will have for a lifetime! It helps keep Taylor’s memory alive. You are an awesome woman with a beautiful gift. Don’t ever give up!

Marika C.

Everyone in the whole family loves the portrait of Mom! She didn’t think she would ever make it back to her home in Ohio because she was so sick from ovarian cancer and was undergoing treatments in Florida. The portrait from Face to Face was a shot of her last trip home and her coming out of the house with a beer in her hand. It looks exactly like her and Dad loves it so much he takes it back and forth to Florida with him each fall and spring. People stand still when they come in the door because it hangs right in front of them and looks exactly like her. It evokes great memories of our mom when she was the happiest- around her family in her home. Sometimes it brings a tear to our eyes, but at the same time it brings back such precious memories of Mom.

Bob C.

As I watched my sister’s face and head become distorted with a brain tumor the last six months of her life, I was filled with foreboding. It was a mixture of relief and horrible grief the day she passed. This portrait restores my wonderful memories of the many years of love and laughter we shared. I can look at it and smile, remembering all the good times we shared.

Susan Z.

Sister Patty is in a facility for the mentally handicapped. I did the portrait of their father for Patty. “Anne, you so blessed my sister Patty and me last Friday with the portrait of dad- Gilbert Earl Keltner. And the way you hugged Patty and spoke encouraging words to her was priceless. I will never forget that moment. The Lord bless and keep you.” What Madeleine doesn’t know is that when I got to my car, I was crying because I felt so honored to be able to give that portrait to Patty. I worried she wouldn’t know who he was, but she said, “That’s Daddy!”. I wish everyone could have seen her face.

Madeleine Stromberg

I just want to thank you again for the awesome portrait of Kelly! I absolutely love it, and have taken the liberty of showing it off every chance I get. I even took it to work with me to show it around & I have to tell you that people were just amazed at how beautiful it is. You did an outstanding job and I can’t thank you enough!!

Lorie Hennon