Sandy M.

Sandy M.

Face to Face provides portraits that are much more than pictures on the wall. They are lasting memorials that forever portray the grace, dignity and beauty of each subject and keep their memory alive for generations to come. – Sandy Mikesell, Osceola, IN

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  1. This portrait is of my husband, Chris. It was very difficult for me to draw, but it was also therapeutic. I would cry, and then see his smile and smile back at him. Chris passed away suddenly on May 19, 2012. I have this portrait hanging in my own living room, and though I never expected to have to do one of these for myself, I love having it looking over the room where we sat and spent so many wonderful times as a family. His smile makes me smile, and I really hope that the portraits we provide here at Face to Face Fine Art do the same thing for the families and loved ones that receive them. Let us know if you are interested in a portrait of a loved one who died suddenly, unexpectedly or tragically. We want to help others heal and even if we don’t really “heal” from such a wound, we can find comfort. Go to the application on this web site and fill it out or download and email it to us. Thanks! -Anne

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